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Elvira ©, 2006
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Monday, October 14th, 2013


I always wanted to share the following short film with you.
While working for Animal Logic in Sydney I refactored the FX Import/Export tool, which was used on that project.

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Monday, October 7th, 2013


I went over my CV and added some new information, also on the About page.
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Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Coming Soon

Recently the first trailer to one of the projects I worked on was released.
I am happy to share it with you.

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Tuesday, July 16th, 2013


physician, a civil engineer, and a computer scientist were arguing about what was the oldest profession in the world. The physician remarked, "Well, in the Bible, it says that God created Eve from a rib taken out of Adam.
This clearly required surgery, and so I can rightly claim that mine is the oldest profession in the world."
The civil engineer interrupted and said, "But even earlier in the book of Genesis, it states that God created the order of the heavens and the earth from out of the chaos. This was the first and certainly the most spectacular application of civil engineering. Therefore, fair doctor, you are wrong; mine is the oldest profession in the world." The computer scientist leaned back in her chair, smiled, and then said confidently, "Ah, but who do you think created the chaos?"

— Grady Booch, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications
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Friday, June 14th, 2013


It has been a while since my last post. Sorry for that. But I cut the excuses short and get right to the content.

I am currently blogging from Annecy. Just finished the last conference. I wanted to share a very cool tool I discovered today called Horyzon. I didn't find anything in the web while writing. Marketing for the tool starts in September this year the audience was told.
Horyzon is a communication tool for movie productions, allowing for easy reviewing and commenting of things like shots, background images or character designs.
The application streams all kinds of media types in a very organized/structured way onto any kind of device, like smart phones, tablets and PCs.
It allows all the creative folks, which aren't tech geeks to quickly create webcam, drawing or written comments.
The system keeps track of versions and communication history and allows for easy searching of all previously received media.
The tool categorizes three types of user:
Manager, Worker, Follower.
Media is bundled inside a so called package, which is assembled and approved by a manager. This user also makes sure which workers and followers are allowed to receive this package and all communication regarding it.
Updates are received through a push model driven by the system, so there is no effort for the user to stay up to date and no way to say s/he didn't receive it.
Marc Miance from Alkymia presented the tool.
He said they are using it in conjunction with Shotgun too.
It looked to me, like a usability dream come true, when Mr Miance wiped over his iPad and adding webcam comments to shots with little effort.
A tool production staff should look out for especially if creative directors are often offsite.

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