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Have a look at my english CV
Hi folks - welcome to my portfolio webpage. My name is André Schaarschmidt, I was born in Berlin, Germany in 1982.
I studied in Elstal at the
German Film School.
This webpage is my platform to show you my projects and artwork.

As I love solving problems and optimizing workflows, I have chosen to focus on the technical aspects of CGI. I was always keen on coding and designing, so Turbo Pascal and MS Paint became close friends in my childhood. :) Things moved on with POV-Ray and Moray until I got stuck at 3D Studio MAX 2.0

In 2002 I graduated A-level (Abitur) and moved to Ireland for a year. After that I travelled with a friend for 12 months throughout Asia. Back in Germany I did an internship at the post production company Feinwerk (formerly "Das Werk"). I started my studies as a Digital Artist in 2005 and graduated in August 2008. With the diploma degree I started in September 2008 my freelance career as a Digital Artist.

Since then, I worked on three feature film productions, which strengthened my interest and focus on process and tool development. Sydney was my home in 2011. I worked at Animal Logic for six month in the R&D department, where I worked on pipeline tools.

In 2013 I changed the industries. I am working now for Von Consulting GmbH, which develops business solutions for SAP customers. Currently I am focusing my attention on the subjects of Clean Code and large scale software architecture.
Primary Skills
Secondary Skills
Programming, with focus on Clean Code
Pipeline Development

ABAP Editor
Visual Studio
daily use      comprehensive skill      basic skill
I am producing with
clean energy from
Greenpeace Energy
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