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Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Tests, Tests, Tests.

Hurray, last week we hit the 1000 unit test mark at Cartoon-Film. It already payed off for some severe changes we had to make.
Maxtest proves to handle unit tests, integration tests and performance tests stable and reliable. I am planing on an internal refactor and some performance improvements.

Speaking of refactor, I recently managed to give MaxSpotlight an overhaul. I moved the code base to 3ds-max-dev and added tests to it. The documentation got converted to HTML and lives now here. The new version 1.7.0 supports line limiting, delayed flush to listener and changes to the configuration are in effect immediately.
Have fun with it.
* * *
Sunday, January 15th, 2012


As promised, I added documentation to the open source maxtest project. Expect continues improvement and extension throughout the next weeks. It should cover the basics and get you going. Have fun.
* * *
Sunday, January 1st, 2012


Happy New Year. Just want to let you know that maxtest, the MAXScript unit testing framework I developed, is open source now.

It is hosted under Google Code within the 3ds-max-dev project. A repository created by Christopher Diggins from Autodesk.
Documentation and examples are added during the next weeks.
* * *
Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Branches, Dev Mode & Tests

Oh dear, it's been only six weeks since I left Australia and arrived in Berlin. Though it didn't take long to accustom. Five days after landing,
I already started at Cartoon-Film again. First week kicked off with
the premiere of Lauras Stern und die Traummonster.

But things got serious right away. I am in charge of the Max pipeline. After analysing the current state, I am emphasizing a pipeline, which focuses on flexibility, always keeping outsourcing in mind.
Beside that, implementing development processes has been initiated. I introduced a SVN branching workflow, a development mode, for testing work-in-progress tools and start covering our code base with unit tests.

For the later I wrote a unit testing framework for Max, featuring test discovery, setUp and tearDown functionality and a report, showing passed, failed and tests throwing errors with line numbers and filenames.
I hope to make maxtest open-source asap.
* * *
Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Atomic Experience

Yesterday was my last work day at Animal Logic. Looking back at the last six month, I had a phenomenal time.
I learnt so much and met so many great and talented people.
Working on one of the most sophisticated pipelines in the world, was an invaluable experience for my future career as a pipeline developer.

I spent a big amount of time writing AssetToolFX. A tool which exports effects as assets from within Maya.
A complex and challenging task, which brought me in full contact with an Atomic Asset pipeline.
I was using Python together with Eclipse as IDE and learnt to appreciate the Eclipse debugger. I matured as a developer by covering my code with unit- and integration-tests. And I started to value composition over inheritance while learning a lot about writing and organizing reusable code.

Today I am heading off on a four week holiday within Australia, which ends in a flight back home to Berlin in the end of September.
Thanks to all who supported me on this journey.

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