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Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Down Under

Hi there from sunny Sydney.

What an intense first week. I got totally jet lagged out of the plane, attending job interviews and looking for a place to stay. But I must say everything went out very well and the leap of faith to leave my comfort zone really paid off.
Not only can I call myself a lucky bastard regarding my new accommodation, I am also given the great chance to work for Animal Logic as Pipeline Engineer.
I will start on the 7th of March for a period of six month.
I am looking very much forward to all the new challenges and experiences. Until then I try to get settled and enjoy what Australia has to offer.

Looking back, made me realize the way I went. I like to emphasize how good the time with Cartoon-Film was. A big thank you to the whole team. You will be thoroughly missed.
* * *
Sunday, November 14th, 2010


Wow, six month no entry.
Where is the time?!

When entering the "Kein Ohr Hasen" project, I got so busy with the fantastic chance to do a refactoring of our pipeline. I introduced a python layer for better integration and communication of our applications, department specific plugin loading, standardized file path management and a face lift for our 3dsmax naming convention.

After that, I went straight into evaluating Shotgun and Trac, two production tracking systems.
We finally decided to massively enhance Trac. I am now working on a team of three people, drilling on the python core of this fine open-source framework. I am having a great opportunity to look behind the production curtain, technically as well as how management sees a production, which is a real different point of view.
It is a very fulfilling task, which let me arrive where
I always wanted to be: Pipeline Development
* * *
Saturday, May 1st, 2010


FYI: I updated some facts on the about page and my CV. The thumbnails to the left, open the corres-
ponding PDF file.
See you on the FMX.
* * *
Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Spot & Select

After my colleagues did some heavy testing, bug reporting and adding features to the wish list, I am very glad to announce my latest tool called MaxSpotlight.

First time I am releasing for 3Ds Max and finally the point to give something back to the Max community. I attached a small demo how things work, but I guess its more a tool which you have to feel to get a grasp. Please read the docs when you download it.

It is the first time I implemented and used on my webpage the Vimeo video player. I am planing to replace most, if not all, of my old videos in a better quality by utilizing Vimeo.

And one word regarding the FMX. I am very excited to be in roughly two weeks in Stuttgart again. I am specifically looking out for jobs in Australia for 2011. So if anybody knows somebody, please drop the word. :)
Thanks for looking by. I keep you updated.

* * *
Sunday, April 11th, 2010


New version of pb_rfAlongPath is online. I got some requests to add 3Ds Max support. Version 1.0.1 does that. I also updated and extended the documentation and did some minor code refactoring. Happy simulating.

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