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Friday, May 22nd, 2009


I’ve always been aware and conscientious of my impact on the world. That counts for my personal life, so does it in my business.

I try to produce as environmentally responsible as possible including switching off monitors and stand-by devices, putting computers into stand-by or turning them off and working with responsible contractors.
That for, I also decided to get an energy supplier who is producing energy from renewable energy sources.

Greenpeace Energy is not only supplying me with clean energy, it is also investing my money into building new eco-friendly power plants, so that "green" energy sources increasing. By hiring me for your project, you are also investing automatically into a more eco-friendly world.
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Monday, February 23rd, 2009


Hi there. Fortunatly, I am quite busy with working. January kept me tight.
I renovated my workroom and free-
lanced for brandatmosphere a company located in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Since the beginning of February I am at Cartoon-Film. I was doing shading at the beginning and are now working in the rigging department for the new feature-film "Laura Star 2".

This weekend I finally found the time to finish up my new layout for script documentations. I want to unify my script manuals and make it easier and more fun to use my tools. As I believe a good documentation is key for delivering useful tools to customers. You find a thumbnail at the bottom, showing the new layout.

On this occasion I documented my rfAlongPath script, which had a code refactoring and a GUI implemented.
I uploaded the script to the download area. It is now available for you. You also find at the bottom of this post a video illustrating the workflow.

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Wednesday, December 24th, 2008


I updated the Gallery with a flyer I designed for my house-warming party.

My aim was to get all the party details implemented in a way where information and graphics are not seperated from each other. I also looked for a way to illustrate the relocation topic.

Make sure to check out the large version as well.
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Saturday, December 20th, 2008


What a busy November / December.
It happend quite alot. I moved to a new apartment in Berlin. I now have more space for more creativity and a much better transport connection for my clients. I am still working on getting an internet and telephone line, this should be settled soon. Under "Contact" you can get my new address and my present phone number now.

Yesterday I came back from my holidays in Hong Kong. I had a real good time visiting my friend Roman there.

The Gallery will also be updated later this week.

I feel very refreshed and full of ideas for 2009.
If we don´t see or hear each other this year, I wish you a "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year".
* * *
Friday, November 14th, 2008

Let It Flow

Finally I found some time to publish a short progress video regarding the Realflow script. I added some features & improved the algorithm.

Features: Visualization of the curved Maya path in Realflow (red line). Particles are behaving freely after reaching the end of path. Particles can collide with obstacles and return to path. Spread is controllable. Simulation time is reduced.

Next step will be refactoring the code and implement a GUI. I keep you posted.

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